Racing Spec damper is specially made for modifying your <<MODEL>> to use on track racing, and all settings have been obtained from direct participation in racing event such as WTCC.

In some circumstances, particular custom-made shock absorbers are available for those cars that have aggressive upgrades like factory’s racing vehicles or A-class racing cars etc.

You may provide us with detailed info on all upgraded parts in your car and what circuit you will run, and our racing engineers will be able to make custom shock absorbers for suitable for your <<Manfucturer>> <<Model>>

Our racing engineers set as default all the settings from our Top Sport racing experience.


The XYZ Racing Spec <<MANUFACTURER>>MODEL>>Suspension Kit Features

  • Set of 4 top of the line of Top Sport dampers
  • Monotube design, and lightweight aluminum bottom mount
  • Larger piston diameter of 45mm, and shock body 51.5mm
  • Fully adjustable up to 120mm for ride height/lowering *
  • Direct replacement kit for your existing suspension, no additional components needed
  • 30-way adjustable  damping, designed for Top Sport race
  • Both front and rear top mounts are camber adjustable in order to increase it’s handling
  • All units are fully tested and verified at the factory and come with a one year limited warranty (T&C’s apply) for a defective strut
  • Not recommend in rally gravel use
  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD
  1. Aluminum-Made Top Mount(A6061)
    Each kit comes with pillowball top mount on both front and rear, which enables you to experience excellent handling ever. All the pillowball top mounts in McPherson strut with camber adjustable
  2. Feature of inverted mono tube design
    Feature of inverted mono tube design is suitable for use in Top Sport coilover system. It keeps damping stability on the uneven road. With larger piston diameter of 45mm, and shock body 51.5mm, it can bear the side way aggressive strong movement. Increase the amount of oil effectively inhibit the oil temperature rise, it can make coilover keeps excellent performance in intense manipulation.
  3. Fully adjustable lower mount
    A moveable lower mount is adopted. Either ride height or pre-load can be adjusted by the adjusting bottom mount.  Shock body made by steel, therefore, it can sustain strong side way gravity.

    With steel material (SPHC-C), it can enhance its strength. Furthermore, it can avoid unusual movement after wheel oriented for a while driving and improve lower mount distorted problems which is caused when turning.
    Aluminum upper mount for wishbone coilover Because there is no such problems like turning steering wheel, it made by aluminum material (A6061)to reduce the weight and enhance the ability to dissipate heat.

  4. Damping adjustable
    Top Sport type damper has 30 different way of damping settings enables our products to bring the best performance for different top sport.
  5.  Anti-rust coating
    All thread parts are coated with Fluorine to prevent corrosion or adherence. The lower mount is made with forged or anodized. All the products made with steel are go through rigid test system.
  6.  Coil spring
    Each application comes with pillow ball top mount which can enable you to experience the driving feel directly. All parts are made by high quality (SAE9254). Top Sport damper is equipped with the springs that have the most perfect spring rates.
  7. Bump stop
    Using high-density polyurethane (PU) to avoid substantial bounce when the coilover bottoms out, this then reduces the bump caused by bottoming out.
  8. Spring bearing
    The piece put between the spring and the locking ring is Teflon bearing, it can eliminate strange noises efficiency and allow a vehicle to move more smoothly when turning

These <><<MODEL<<>>suspension kits are a special designed for performance track racing and is not suggested to be used on public roads.