This damper is mainly design for rally racing or rally cross. In all racing events, road condition of rally cross are the most aggressive. Hence, it means that the shock absorber is the most important utensil during the Rally gravel competition.

We developed an inverted tube design to meet each different road condition as sandstone, snow or silt.

Featuring a long stroke and long spring which enables your ##MODEL## to absorb chassis vibration.

They recover superb from aggressive attacks with high speed jumps and can bear extreme G-force when turning.

All spring rate settings are tested by Rally Racing team

The XYZ Gravel Rally  <<MANUFACTURER>>MODEL>>Suspension Kit Features

  • Set of 4 top of the line best ##manufacturer## ##model## gravel rally coilovers.
  • Inverted monotube design. (McPherson type)
  • Damper body with 55mm to enhance the structure.
  • Fully adjustable up to 120mm for ride height/lowering *
  • Not suitable for normal or tarmac rally use.
  • Direct replacement kit for your existing suspension, no additional components needed
  • 30-way adjustable  damping, designed for gravel rallying
  • All units are fully tested and verified at the factory, due to the nature of rally cross we do not offer any warranty however the kits are easily serviceable with parts available to order.
  • Long stroke and long spring
  • Steel-made bottom mount to enhance safety.
  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD
  1. Hardened Rubber Top Mount
    This spec comes with a rubber top mount, it is able to absorb aggressive force from high speed jumps and prolong coilovers’ lifespan.
  2. Feature of inverted mono tube design
    Waterproof, sandproof and dustproof. It’s able to absorb aggressive vibrations from harsh rally gravel conditions
  3. Fully adjustable bottom mount
    It adopts a moveable bottom mount. Both ride-height and preload can be adjusted from adjustable lower mount. The steel-made lower mount increases safety.
  4. Damping adjustable
    Gravel rally type damper has 30 different way of damping settings enables our products to bring the best performance for different Gravel rally tracks.
  5.  Anti-rust coating
    All thread parts are coated with Fluorine to prevent corrosion or adherence. The lower mount is made with forged or anodised. All the products made with steel are go through rigid test system.
  6.  Coil spring
    Gravel rally dampers are equipped with springs which have the most perfect spring rate for light material (SAE9254). These kinds of spring are longer and softer than general ones.
  7. Hard rubber
    Made with steel (1008A), and forged with high-pressure. With its hardness, it can prevent loose problems when turning a McPherson lower mount.
  8. Strength Structure
    Piston rod: φ45mm; it’s treatment is made by electroplating with material (STKMI3C) to enhance hardness and abrasion.

    Shock Body: φ55mm; larger shock body; It’s able to bear more lateral pressure.

    Lower Mount: φ63mm; It’s able to bear any type of aggressive vibration.

  9. Crash-proof Styrofoam
    It uses PU material to produce. When the damper receives an aggressive attack, it can reduce heavy bounce and avoid the uncomfortable feel you get when the damper is bottoming out.


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